About the ClickDrs team

About us

Click Drs was formulated in England by a team of doctors with over 50 years of combined clinical experience.  Our passion for digital healthcare and the success of tele-healthcare in the UK meant we envisaged a wider use for our telehealth platform across the globe.  We believe the future is truly digital and healthcare is no less so.  Our telemedicine app aims to provide doctors, therapists and allied health professionals at your fingertips from the comfort of your homes. From speaking to a doctor face to face, to receiving a prescription on your phone, it couldn’t be easier with the Click Drs app.

It is well known that UK trained and practising doctors are from amongst the highest quality in the world today.  We have taken this a step further and are pioneers in bringing UK doctors online and available to select countries across the globe.

Our aim is simple, to revolutionise the delivery and accessibility of healthcare across the globe and bring it to people’s homes. We are using cutting edge tech to bring healthcare together across the globe and break down barriers to accessibility.  Our team is ever-growing and as we expand across countries, we hope you will become a part of this exciting venture.