Consult Doctors in UK

It is well known that healthcare and medical training in the UK is from amongst the highest quality in the world. Doctor’s training is of a high standard, structured and rigorous in it’s examination process. It is no wonder that many doctors from the rest of the world strive to come to the UK for their training and experience.

We have taken the unparalleled step of introducing UK doctors on our platform for you. You can now instantly book a direct video/audio consultation with any of our highly qualified and experienced UK based doctors. We do not come in between or serve as an intermediary, you have direct access to a UK based doctor of your choice.

Salient features

  • UK trained General Physicians/Consultants in family medicine
  • All doctors are GMC licensed and hold postgraduate qualifications
  • Most of our doctors speak multiple languages
  • Our doctors are actively working in the NHS (National Health Service)
  • UK GPs are very experienced at managing many acute and chronic medical problems independently, as primary care is well established in the UK
  • All doctors are trained in digital healthcare and international consulting
  • All consultations will be on par with the highest standards of clinical practise and guidelines in the UK
  • Our UK doctors can provide second opinions on medical matters for which you require independent advise
  • You will receive advise based on ‘evidence based medicine’, as per up to date clinical guidelines in the UK
  • We will provide, wherever possible, access to allied health professionals such as optometrists, nutritionists, dieticians from the UK.

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consult doctor in uk